ABC Screening Test

Early Detection, Rapid Treatment: ABC Screening Test is of help!

ABC Screening Test is a blood test, which estimates the risks of developing stomach cancer. You can know the following two things by this test

◎ The level of gastric mucosal atrophy (Pepsinogen Inspection test).
◎ Helicobacter Pylori infection of the gastric mucosa (Helicobacter Pylori Antibody test).

According to the results of this test, your risk of getting stomach cancer is classified into four groups (ABCD).

In our clinic, you can take ABC Screening Test along with your usual blood examinations with paying additional 3500 yen (not covered by the public health insurance). The results will be informed to you within one week. Please consult the internal medicine doctor about the outcome and ask him for more details.

ABC Screening Test is highly recommended. Please contact us!


If at least one of the following would be applicable to you or you have any questions, please consult internal medicine doctor (Dr. Sawada) before undergoing ABC Screening Test.

  1. You have received gastrectomy.
  2. You have already received eradication therapy for H. pylori.
  3. You have obvious upper gastrointestinal symptoms.
  4. You are under treatment for upper gastrointestinal disease.
  5. You have taken proton pump inhibitors within two months.
      (This is one kind of medicine for stomach ulcer)
  6. You have renal failure.

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