*When you have a fever, cough and/or sore throat, you should make appointment for specific time and room on the phone before coming to the clinic.
*Appointment necessary for Obstetrics&Gynecology &Psychiatry*
*You can’t stay in the waiting room during lunch break. *There is no parking lot.

Every Dr.consultation can be English.*Dr.Sawada consultations  can be in basic Tagalog.

*Spanish interpreters are available every Tuesday afternoon.

 El interprete de español está presente todos los martes por la tarde.    

Consultation HoursConsultation Hours
Internal Medicine9:30~11:30PM2:00~5:30(Wednesday 3:00~5:30)
MONDAYInternal MedicineDr. SawadaDr. Sawada
OrthopedicsDr. OowakiDr. Oowaki
Obstetrics&Gynecology*Dr. ImaiCLOSED
PsychiatryCLOSEDDr.Tsuchiya or Dr.Imasaki
TUESDAYInternal Medicine Dr.SawadaDr.Sawada
OrthopedicsDr. OowakiDr. Oowaki
Obstetrics&Gynecology*Dr. ImaiDr. Imai
PsychiatryCLOSEDDr. Tsuchiya 
WEDNESDAYInternal Medicine Dr. Sawada~3:00Dr. Saji or Dr.Kaneko
OrthopedicsDr. Oowaki~3:00Dr. Oowaki
THURSDAYInternal MedicineDr. YamamuraDr. Yamamura
Obstetrics&Gynecology*Dr. ImaiDr. Imai
FRIDAYInternal MedicineDr. SawadaDr. Sawada
OrthopedicsDr. OowakiCLOSED
Obstetrics&Gynecology*Dr. ImaiDr. Imai
SATURDAYInternal MedicineDr. YamamuraCLOSED
OrthopedicsDr. Oowaki
Obstetrics&Gynecology*Dr. Imai